KING MacLAren Boy$$$$ LONDON is mine baby hehehe ££££

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О себе
i m a KING i own everything ,shittin money,making millions when u r reading this,it all happened so quick,my lifes changed so quick,i lost it addicted to money,i love counting money, i wash my hands about 50-60 times a day because counting money all the time,hidin my golds at my home in UK hope police dont come and raid my house because i got more than 120 million £ only at the basement and hid some more money in my girls house, so much money in the bank ,tired of fuckin taxes ,where is the money coming from? i wont tell ya but it is clean money My rims r gold ,i eat gold ,i have become a gold U IDIOTS CANT EVEN SIT NEXT TO ME,THEY PAY ME TO TALK TO ME,THEY BEGGIN ME TO TOUCH ME,I M ALMOST A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE NOW 220 millns to go,motherfuckers didnt believe me first because i m young but i bought them all ,MONEY IS MY POWER NOW ,I DONT TALK TO USUAL PEOPLE ANYMORE,DONT FUCK WITH STUPID GALS I DO WITH YOUNG AND RICH GALS THEY GOT THE QUALITY BUT DO HELP THE POOR AND OLD,HATE FUCKING BITCHES LOVE VIRGIN CLEAN GIRLS WITH MONEY MY GALS MUST BE MILLIONAIRES TOO AND COME FROM RICH FAMILIES IF U R UNDER 20 AND RICH GIRL PLEASE WRITE 2 ME UNLESS DO NOT PLEASE,AS I WONT EVEN ANSWER U,IT IS DIFFICULT 2 FIND YOUNG BEAUTIFUL AND RICH GALS IN UKRAINE BUT PLEASE IF U R JUST WRITE 2 ME,I DONT WANT UR MONEY BUT IT SHOWS THAT U GOT THE QUALITY,U KNOW WAT I MEAN? About me? i m a rich boy livin currently in London my city ,i have always loved money,when i was 12 i promised my mom that i mma b so god damn rich and help the poor of course,i did some mistakes in ma life but i act 4 heaven now, i have achieved all my goals in this shit life,love 2 b alone and pray ,i m rich now i mean very very rich,richer than the richest,Many people ask me how i have become a multimillionaire in 5 months,many of them thought that i sold drugs or guns hehehe of course i aint doin that,i guess i was just lucky and at the right place on the right time but my mom thought me not to show off because people get attracted and get jealous causing that is a big sin so i wont show off but 1 thing i love is cars and diamonds ,i have spent almost 12 million £ in black diamonds , i m addicted to diamonds dunno y and big mansions i m currently buildin ma mansion in Miami and it is gonna b ready @ the end of 2012 Call me the King ,life is my bitch and i run it, ridin ma Mac Laren at nigts on London streets, I m also holding shares of YMCMB, i mma go 2 Miami this summer 12.07.2012 for CMB tour , YEEEEEaaahh baby i run this show WORLD IS MINE (+_+) Stars always shine even when they r dead , if i know alot of people will cry behind me and pray 4 me after i die then i m ready 2 die , God i love u thank u so much 4 givin me wat i hav wanted so quick i have believed in u I LOVE U MY GOD and fuck u all loosers and sinners go 2 hell, i am ,IT IS ME THE WINNER JUST AS USUAL
Cars,i love Mercedes and Lambo,i got a chrome benz too cost 2.6 millon £ they all looking 4 me of course the first chrome maclaren owner in GB,i m unique and my belongins must b unique too ,i love golden cars and cars covered with diamonds too