Vladimir V. Panov Владимир В. Панов

Россия / Москва
Рост Бюст Талия Бедра Вес Возраст
185 см 96 см 78 см 94 см 70 кг 32 года
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О себе
Face: intellectual, the West-European type. First Name: Vladimir V. Last Name: Panov Foreign languages: English (colloquial, technical) Traveling details: Available Internationally, Active passport, Experienced traveler.
Occupation: model management Modeling experience: Ten years professional Client List: Сampaign by Calvin Klein in Russia, Snow Owl Сampaign, DESAM Сampaign, Сampaign by !YAX, Сampaign by "Park Avenue”, interior the antigue dealer. Enton, Doris Hartwich, Cosmopolitan, Channel One Russia, Sprite, Le Royal Meridien National Hotel Moscow, Dewar`s, Vogue, Parliament, Michael Wesetly, Gucci, Diesel, Yamamoto, GQ, World of Beauty (Cremlin), Men’s Work, KLM, Cerutti, C. Dior, Dim, Onorati, BMW, Mini, Park Avenue antiquary artist’s, COOL, Wella, Keune, Schwarzkopf, Redken, Goldwell, L`Oreal, Snow queen, Hugo Boss, Yax!, Metropol, Sh`I, Litvinova, Van Cliff, Albo-Moda, Kim Jones, Robert Cary-Williams, Ziad Ghanem, Pierre Talamon, B-Rude by Boy George, movies, Tv Shows, video clips, Commercial on TV and etc.