Ариана Данилова

Россия / Москва
Рост Бюст Талия Бедра Вес Возраст
170 см 90 см 62 см 92 см 50 кг 27 лет
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О себе
The name is Ariana D. I'm located in Belguim. I absolutely love modeling. I have dreamed of becoming a model ever since I was young. I am very creative with my mind which lead me to think of wonderful ideas and creations for my port and for others as they wish. I have been experienced in front of the camera for at least 4 years now and I am continuing on growing and building up my port. I've met a variety of excellent photographers and cannot wait to meet any more. I also have an interest in cosmetology (including make-up, hair, nails, and skin care). I've taken AVC classes for cosmetology and am now currently attending Heartland Community college. I'm wanting to major in art, which is also another passion I have. I'm here to expand my modeling skills, develop a top-rate portfolio, learn different styles from make-up to hair, and become more professional. I am qualified to do paid assignments, I'm also willing to do TFP/TFCD sessions with select photographers.
Modeling, Drawing, Playing sports, creation