Анна Терещенко

Украина / Киев
Рост Бюст Талия Бедра Вес Возраст
167 см 88 см 63 см 89 см 52 кг 28 лет
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О себе
I'm a Leo. Definitely crave lots of attention. Most of my friends can vouch for that. I believe in self-expressionism. I'm stubborn as anyone you'll ever meet, so don't fight with me. You won't win! I'm well-rounded and open-minded and I love to party. I LIKE Anyone that has a mind of their own. I don't want to talk if you're going to agree with everything I say. I want to talk with people that are pretty much enjoying life. I like to know all different kinds of people. I love talking to people that teach me things.people that teach me things. If you can teach me one new thing every day, you'll be great to talk to.