Vladislav Levochko

США / New York
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О себе
Hello, My name is Vladislav. I'm a model living currently in Brooklyn, NY. I'm Russian and was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I like to do any type of modeling. Fashion, fitness. Very outgoing. People loving and love to work with others. Modeling and acting is something I really enjoy!!! First and foremost I love fashion! Expression through clothing, costumes, character through mood and fabrics is intoxicating. I try to see the beauty in myself and in everything around me. I've wanted to model since I was a little kid I feel more comfortable in front of a camera than anywhere. I work really well with others I like to have fun and be free and try new and crazy stuff !! I'm very flexable with bookings and locations so anyone interested. The best way that you would be able to contact me would be e-mail or cell phone vlevochko@gmail.com or 1(843)442-3645. Thanks for checking out my profile !
I does Fashion and only Fashion (no nudity or vulgarity)