Работа в Cannes

Статус: Закрыто
Требуется: Модель
Тип работы: Модель для фотосъемки
Условия оплаты: не указано
Когда: Не указано
Где: Канны, Франция
My name is Camille d'Alon, I am a french photographer and I am working in Paris (I have my photo studio here) and Cannes.
You can find my work of my last project on this website: www.camilledalon.com
This project is about the portraits of female pleasure. It’s for lenticular printing (kind of 3D photos) and exhibitions in art galleries around the world.
It's kind of erotic project, but it's just portrait, no nude photo, and no video, as you can see in my website.
I am looking for very pretty and expressive faces.
My budget per model is: 300€ include the fees for the agency (of course, I pay also all the fees, flight tickets, accomodation, etc..., except visa)
The shootings will be in Cannes from September 2015.
Опубликовано: 27.08.15 12:33

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