Natural beauty

Ksenia Koliadina
Москва Стилист
Why do people love it so much? Why do everyone look for it? And why do we feel ashamed to let others know that we have changed the way we look for the better? Isn't who we are is what we've made of our selfes? Some of us was born more beautiful then the others, so why is it so bad to wish to be better. Why is it bad to wish to be loved. Why do people respect something that was giving them by nature and not something they did by themselves? I don't like to spend hour in front of the mirror in the morning, I don't like to spend 2-3 hr in a gym, I don't like to buy expensive masks and creams, but I do that. I do that so people would like me. Because no matter what we say, we all want to be loved one way or another. And from what I saw in this world, it doesn't really matter who you are and how much you earn if you look bad. So why do everyone love natural beauty so much?

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