Ksenia Koliadina
Москва Стилист
What is colors in our life's? Well, for me as a stylist, they are one of the most important and unexplainable things in the world! 1) First thing a lot of you may already know is objects around us don't really have any colors. What we see is the color that was rejected by the object that we are looking at. Like if we see a green book, that means that all of the other colors were going trough it and the green is the only one it reflects. 2) Second interesting thing is that two colors that are located opposite from each other on the Itten circle would be mixed toghether they would give you dark grey in physics and white if you'd mix them trough collecting lens. 3) Another interesting moment : If you you will take one color from the spectrum and mix all the others trough collecting lens you will get the color that is opposite from it. That's it for now. I will keep you updated on the info I have about colors and contrasts ;) If anyone is really interested in studying colors I would recommend to read the book by Johannes Itten - "The art of color"

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